Clos Maggiore Restaurant London

Bagatelle Restaurant London   Clos Maggiore Restaurant London is irrefutably the beating heart of Covent Garden. Famed for it's award winning Romanticism, exclusive eatery Clos Maggiore quickly swept us off our feet with it's fairy-tale decor and blazing love of French food and wine. Harbouring the most passionate of all flavours seems to imbue the entire place with intense, lotharian charm. Touched by Cupid, Clos Maggiore is rendered in permanent bloom: lush walls of greenery and vertical gardens make up the Private dining room's interior. Spritely leaves enclose caramel wood panelling and large mirrors -- a genius touch that had us, and all guests dining together, catching beguiled glimpses of their tables through the stylised foliage as if voyeurs to their own date. A logpile fire warmed us shortly after coming in off the open air Covent garden, and in some places, pure white light even dazzled us in a dappled spotlight that fell through woodland canopies constructed above. All this firmly showed why Clos Maggiore Restaurant London is something of a whimsical haven amongst a bustling city -- allowing guests to stop, decompress and appreciate each other. And beyond appreciating your date, any table is sure to appreciate the spectacular options we found on the menu. With several options to choose from (Post theatre, weekend, pre-theatre, a la carte) all carefully crafted by Frenchmen Marcellin Marc, Clos Maggiore is a restaurant that lacks no love for it's diners no matter who they are, where they're going, where they've been or what they want. In the spirit of the delightful venue -- we decided to share. A portion of Oven Roasted Rib of Limousine Veal was more than enough for two, with crisp helpings of tender-stem broccoli and wild mushroom fricassee proving a heaven-made match to the full -flavour of the meat (the abundance of naturalistic touched like these to the courses, not to mention the vegetarian options, made dinner blend beautifully with the surreal boscage of the venue). And it could not have been a visit to Clos Maggiore London completed, without the joy of sharing in excess with Marcellin's Chocolate Sensation. Burnt Honey Ice cream and Armagnac Jelly (a boozy revelation) can not even stop force of the chocolate here; couples who take on this winning dessert will emerge all the stronger for it. With 2,500 wine options boasted by Clos Maggiore (no wonder this London restaurant recently received the Wine spectator Grand Reward) and a meticulous sample menu to boot, there is no excuse for wine lovers to skip over a visit to this exclusive connoisseur retreat. Far from experts ourselves, we could not help but be bowled over by the options of vintages and magnums for all occasions. A sweet wine, Cheateau Climens, from Barsac had a molleux touch that might just make you blush, going down tender and mellow as the candlelight. Otherwise, white wine from Bordeux's Chateau Pope Clemenets suited as a drier indulgence to any meal. Even the hardiest of hearts might go fluttering at Clos Maggiore, a top restaurant that knows how to seduce the palette and ensnare guests in the most uniquely picturesque location in London. Restaurant Booking

Clos Maggiore Restaurant London Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: French, European Dress Code: Smart Casual  Area: Covent Garden Address: 33 King Street Covent Garden, London WC2E 8JD England Website: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (3 votes, average: 3.67 out of 5)
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