Chotto Matte Restaurant London

Chotto Matte is a restaurant in London that explores the best of Nikkei cuisine, blending Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions. Inside a stylish space with unique and innovative architecture, the restaurant takes you on a journey through space and time. The head chef, Kurt Zdesar, had a vision of creating exciting and accessible fine dining experiences, finding the solution in a modern expression of Nikkei.  He met with Japanese and Peruvian chefs and studied traditional techniques, adapting them to innovative and contemporary applications in his kitchen. The result? Mouth-watering food in a place that grants you a multi-sensorial experience. 

The menu here invites you into an immersive experience, with multiple sharing menus to savour as much variety as possible. Taste lychee ceviche made with Leche de Tigre, chive oil, sweet potato, Peruvian corn, and coriander. The freshest ingredients possible make up the sashimi dishes.

Indulge in the complex flavours behind the Spicy O-Toro Sashimi with premium tuna belly, caramelised nashi pear, crispy filo aji truffle, wasabi soy, and shiso cress. The robata grill allows you to savour charred vegetables and premium juicy meats. There are many different options, each with unique flavours and aromas. 

The cocktail menu harmonises with the food, and creative house specials have artistic and dazzling presentations. The Wabi-Sabi cocktail is made with Roku gin, Barsol Quebranta pisco, Belsazar dry vermouth, aji Inca, acacia honey, kumquat, sage, grapefruit, and lemonade. It is nutty and savoury, blending perfectly well with the robata and fatty sashimi. 

Allow all your senses to be activated by the experience of Chotto Matte. The colours on the walls and the artistic design of the venue are already reason enough to visit, and you will never find such harmonically loud decor. 

Chotto Matte Bookings

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Chotto Matte Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Nikkei (Japanese and Peruvian fusion)

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Soho

Address: 11 – 13 Frith Street, London W1D 4RB


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