Boujis Guestlist & Tables

Boujis Guestlist & Tables

A playground for the rich and famous, the Boujis guestlist is South Kensington’s most exclusive Saturday night haunt, for many reasons. Conveniently located right by the station, and known as “the local to royals”, this club plays host to royalty and celebs alike, no telling who you will run into on any given night in Boujis. It’s appearance from the outside may be understated to say the least, however once you have managed to get inside you will notice how elegantly designed the club really is. The facade allows for all to be unaware of the happenings within the club walls, except, of course, those lucky enough to enter and have the time of their lives.

Spread around a central staircase, the Boujis guestlist and Boujis table has an array of fashionable padded black couches propped against the walls, whilst sought after tables are also dotted around the room for those who need a break from dancing to enjoy a comfortable seat on. In front of the DJ sits a raised stage where gorgeous guests can show off their best moves while listening to their favorite music, and there is also a VIP section beyond the bar for those that are filthy rich and want to impress on a Friday night. Although Boujis guestlist design is far from ridiculously over the top, the floral pattern mixed with blue and purple gives the club a distinctly elegant feel. No need to go over the top here, as the people, the drinks, the music and the dancing make this club one-of-a-kind.

The music here is a mix of house, electro and dance floor fillers which allows for everybody’s music desires to be met and gets everybody up and having a good time. Although the drinks here can be on the pricey side- the Boujis guestlist signature Crackbaby (vodka, champagne and other secret ingredients) is definitely worth trying at least once.

The one thing to be noted about the Boujis guestlist – now B London, is its exclusivity and the hand-picked guest list is no joke. Getting past the door girl here is no easy job even on a Thursday night, so make sure to be looking your best so that you can be surrounded by the best once you are inside the club. If you are lucky enough to make it inside, you will be welcomed by Boujis guestlist friendly and upbeat atmosphere, a setting ready to give you the best night filled with amazing memories. With a reputation for having high standards, the staff here go the extra mile to ensure that those that get in are looked after and cared for well throughout the entire night. The queen of high end clubs, the exclusivity of the Boujis guestlist is what has made it so popular with the A listers of today and seeing someone well-known is not rare throughout the week at Boujis. Nicole Scherzinger loves going out for a night on the town with her girls at the posh, glamorous night club. Most recently seen there late September of this year. In addition, Mary J. Blige went out for a fun night out with her husband and a group of friends. However, the night ended with her giving an impromptu performance for all, a thrilling and amazing experience for anyone who attended Boujis that night. Some past guests the club has had includes Rihanna, Kate and Will, Lady Gaga, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton (pre-break up) Lindsay Lohan and Rita Ora. A famous spot for awaiting paparazzi, after 8 years of success this hot spot is still as strong as ever at attracting a glamorous crowd and isn’t ready to back down.

What’s The Dress Code?

Like most private members clubs Boujis tables and Boujis guestlists adhere to a strict dress code. Make sure to get this right other wise it could be a cold night on the curb watching friends roll into the club. Girls must be wearing high heels whilst guys must be wearing smart shoes. No trainers or sportswear will be allowed. If you’re not sure about a piece of clothing then play it safe and wear something else.

How Much is Entry Price?

Typically the club allow free entry for ladies before 11:30pm after which they are required to pay a £20 door fee. Guys will have to stump up the cash no matter what time of the night. Don’t blame us, we don’t make the rules!

What are the Drink Prices?

Drinks prices vary from the standard cocktail priced at £10 to the magnums of champagne at a hefty £1000. It’s certainly easy to spend money here, but at least the drinks are nice and strong.

Boujis Guestlist & Tables

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