Best Oyster Bars in Mayfair

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With its rich history and culinary diversity, London has long been a haven for seafood enthusiasts. Nestled within its elegant streets and historic facades, Mayfair stands out as a jewel in the city’s dining scene. For those who relish the taste of the sea, the best oyster bars in Mayfair offer a unique and flavourful experience. 

Explore the briny depths of the Atlantic to the calm waters of the Pacific. These establishments bring the world’s best oysters to London. Whether you’re an oyster enthusiast or a curious first-timer, here’s a curated list of the best oyster bars in Mayfair that promise to elevate your palate.


Best Oyster Bars in Mayfair

Stepping into Scotts’ is like being enveloped in the richness of London’s culinary history. Established in 1851, this Mayfair icon has witnessed the ebb and flow of the city’s tastes. Yet, its dedication to seafood has never waned. The interior exudes timeless elegance, with mahogany panels, glistening mirrors, and an art-deco-inspired bar.

The menu at Scott’s is a journey of ocean treasures, but the oysters take center stage. Sourced from the finest beds across the UK and France, each oyster offers a unique taste profile, from the deep salinity of the Lindisfarne to the creamy sweetness of the Porthilly. 

The decor enhances the dining experience, with various nautical-themed artworks and ornate chandeliers casting a glow over the tables. Seated on the leather banquettes, diners can glimpse the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, reminding them of the precision and passion that goes into every dish. This is one of the best oyster bars in Mayfair, with reason.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar 

Sitting in the heart of Mayfair since 1916, Bentley’s Oyster Bar is more than just a dining spot; it’s a rich narrative of London’s gastronomic legacy. You’re greeted by the nostalgic echoes of years ago when you walk in. The Victorian tiled floors, intertwined with touches of brass and warm woods, invite you to a world where tradition meets modern sophistication.

The design of Bentley’s offers a delightful blend of the classic and the contemporary. Its marble-topped bar is where many have struck conversations over oyster platters. The soft ambient lighting creates an intimate atmosphere, making it an idyllic space for any seafood enthusiast. 

Bentley’s menu is, without a doubt, a symphony of seafood wonders, but the crescendo is reached with its oysters. With over a century’s worth of experience, the chefs at Bentley’s have mastered the art of curating and presenting oysters. These sing tales of the ocean. From the crispness of the Irish Carlingford Lough to the buttery nuances of the Cornish Duchy Native, every slurp explores the coastline’s finest offerings.


Best Oyster Bars in Mayfair

In the culinary landscape of Mayfair, Hawksmoor stands as a treasure of British gastronomy. While the establishment may be renowned for its prime cuts of steak, seafood lovers will find solace in its oyster offerings. The moment you step into Hawksmoor, there’s a discernible sense of grandeur. The blend of oak flooring, leather seating, and dimly lit ambiance speaks of a place that appreciates history and character.

Hawksmoor’s oysters are a testament to their dedication to sourcing only the finest. Each oyster, whether from Whitstable’s shores or Scotland’s cold waters, promises a pristine taste of the ocean. These delicacies come alive with Hawksmoor’s unique dressings and accompaniments.

While oysters might be a showstopper for some, Hawksmoor’s menu is a comprehensive love letter to British cuisine. The dry-aged beef, cooked to perfection over charcoal, is a must-try. Their seafood platter, showcasing a medley of prawns, clams, and mussels, is a nod to Britain’s rich coastal bounty. And for those seeking a departure from seafood and steak, the wild mushroom and roquefort salad or the triple-cooked chips are delightful diversions.

Saltie Girl 

From the vibrant streets of Boston to the lanes of Mayfair, Saltie Girl has brought its unique blend of modern flair and seafood mastery to London’s diners. It is an outpost of the famed Bostonian eatery. Saltie Girl in Mayfair effortlessly marries the charm of the Atlantic coast with the sophistication of London’s culinary scene.

The interior of Saltie Girl is a delightful fusion of the vintage and the contemporary. Wooden panels intermingle with brass fixtures, creating a cozy and upscale ambiance. Inspired by vintage maritime designs, the murals evoke a sense of nostalgia, transporting guests to the picturesque New England shores.

Saltie Girl’s oysters are undeniably a highlight. Sourced from European and North American waters, they offer a tasting journey spanning continents. Their freshness is unparalleled, and their presentation, often accompanied by unique mignonettes and sauces, sets them apart.

Yet, the culinary voyage doesn’t stop at oysters, and that is what ironically makes this one of the best oyster bars in Mayfair. The lobster roll, bursting with succulent lobster meat and served in a buttery bun, nods to their Bostonian roots. The tinned fish selection, elegantly presented, offers a delightful twist on traditional seafood dining.


Best Oyster Bars in Mayfair

As its name suggests, Fishworks in Mayfair celebrates all things piscatorial. It is a refreshing establishment offering a seafood market experience and a dining haven. It also bridges the gap between the ocean’s bounty and the plate.

Upon entering Fishworks, there’s an undeniable aura of coastal charm. The decor exudes a rustic yet contemporary feel, with exposed brick walls against the counters displaying fresh catches of the day. Soft, azure hues reminiscent of the sea are paired with wooden accents, transporting diners to a seaside eatery.

Handpicked from Britain’s finest oyster beds, each oyster is a briny kiss from the ocean. Whether you prefer them naked, with a hint of shallot vinegar, or a spicy kick of tabasco, they encapsulate the very essence of the sea.

But the journey at Fishworks goes beyond oysters. Their menu reads like an ode to the ocean. Taste delights like the Cornish crab linguine or the grilled sardines with gremolata. For those with a penchant for the classics, the Fishworks fish pie is a must. With cod, prawns, and salmon under a blanket of creamy mash, it is comfortable on a plate.

Wiltons Restaurant

Treading the lanes of Mayfair since 1742, Wiltons Restaurant stands as one of London’s most venerable culinary landmarks, and one of the best oyster bars in Mayfair. With a legacy that traces back to the reign of King George II, dining at Wilton’s is not just about food; it’s about history as a whole.

Oysters at Wiltons are a class act. With a legacy as long as theirs, they’ve perfected the art of serving these marine gems. Hand-selected from the finest British waters, every oyster on the menu – the nutty Native or the clean-tasting Rock – offers a flavourful glimpse into the ocean’s depths. 

From the outside, Wiltons displays quiet sophistication. The ambiance returns to a bygone era with its velvet seating, gleaming silverware, and intricate moldings. The walls, decorated with traditional British artwork and period portraits, witness centuries of gastronomic brilliance.

Beyond oysters, Wiltons is a celebration of British gastronomy. Their Dover sole, grilled to perfection, and the succulent roast grouse are menu standouts. Not to forget their traditional game pies, which beautifully encapsulate the tastes of the English countryside.

La Petit Poissonnerie 

Best Oyster Bars in Mayfair

Bearing a charming name that evokes images of quaint French fishing villages, La Petite Poissonnerie in Mayfair is a harmonious blend of French flair and British sophistication.

The interior of La Petite Poissonnerie is a masterclass in understated elegance. With soft pastel hues, delicate ceramics, and vintage wooden countertops reminiscent of traditional French markets, diners are instantly transported to the charming streets of coastal France. The ambiance is further enhanced by ambient lighting and soft jazz tunes.

Handpicked from the pristine waters of Brittany and Normandy, the oysters here capture the very soul of French marine terroir. Each variety, whether the delicate Belon or the robust Cancale, offers a unique taste profile, enhanced by their signature shallot and red wine vinegar dressing.

If you’re not in the mood for oysters, their bouillabaisse, a rich Provençal fish stew, sings of the Mediterranean sun. The moules marinière, mussels in a white wine sauce, is reminiscent of French summer evenings.

Randall & Aubin 

In the culinary constellation of Mayfair, Randall & Aubin shines brightly as a haven of seafood excellence. Drawing its lineage from its acclaimed Soho sibling, this eatery seamlessly merges the energy of a Parisian brasserie with the rich seafood traditions of coastal Britain.

As you step into Randall & Aubin, your senses are immediately captivated. The glint of vintage Art Nouveau tiling reflects the ambient glow of the rotating disco ball overhead, infusing the space with a lively, celebratory atmosphere. The long marble-topped counter, surrounded by tall mirrored walls, invites diners to witness the culinary ballet in the kitchen. 

Oysters, a quintessential offering here, are sourced from the best British and French waters. Each slurp offers a pristine taste of the ocean, with Randall & Aubin’s commitment to freshness evident in every bite. Their rotating selection ensures that there’s always a new briny delight to discover.

Yet, the culinary narrative extends beyond oysters. Their lobster spaghetti, drizzled in a rich bisque, is a testament to their fusion approach, and the crispy salt & pepper squid is a journey of textures and flavors.

The Seafood Bar 

When modern aesthetics meet traditional seafood expertise, the result is Mayfair’s The Seafood Bar. Originally hailing from Amsterdam, this seafood haven has carved a niche in London’s competitive culinary scene, blending Dutch excellence with British marine bounty.

The pristine white marble countertops here, contrasted against the blue accents and aquatic-themed art pieces, offer an ambiance that takes you to the clear waters of the North Sea. The open kitchen concept lets diners witness the magic unfold as chefs craft each dish.

Oysters, a cornerstone of their menu, are sourced from a curated selection of European waters. Their freshness is palpable, with each variety – from the creamy Gillardeau to the crisp Zeeland – serving as a testament to The Seafood Bar’s quality. The oysters’ briny goodness, enhanced with a dash of their signature mignonette, is a sensory journey not to be missed.

Besides the oysters, you need to try their Fruits de Mer platter, a spectacle of lobsters, prawns, and mussels— a visual and gastronomic delight. With its perfectly crispy batter and tender fish, the Dutch-style fish and chips offer a unique twist on a British classic.

J Sheekey 

In the heart of London, nestled between the West End’s theatres and the streets of Covent Garden, J Sheekey stands as timeless culinary grace. This historic seafood restaurant, with its roots stretching back to the late 19th century, has been the go-to spot for theatre-goers, celebrities, and diners for decades, making it one of the best oyster bars in Mayfair.

Stepping into J Sheekey is like stepping into a time capsule of classic London elegance. The dark wood paneling, deep red leather banquettes, and soft ambient lighting create an atmosphere that’s both intimate and refined. Vintage photos and maritime art adorn the walls, nodding to its rich seafood legacy.

Whether sampling the rock oysters from Carlingford Lough or indulging in the native varieties from Loch Ryan, each shell offers a unique taste of the waters they hail. The oysters served on a bed of crushed ice with classic accompaniments encapsulate the purity and freshness the establishment is known for.

Beyond oysters, the menu is a celebration of the ocean’s bounty. Their famous fish pie, brimming with a medley of seafood in a creamy sauce, is comfort on a plate. The Atlantic prawn cocktail, presented with a modern twist, is a delightful throwback to classic British dining.

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