The Best New Exclusive Bars in London

best exclusive clubs in London

Balans Soho Society, Clapham Common 

Balans Soho Society opened a new brasserie in Clapham Common on March the 6th and is home to one of the best new exclusive bars in London. The original venue in Soho was established three decades ago but due to high demand the Balans team have spread their wings. The highly acclaimed Art Director and Catwalk Designer, Simon Costin, who has done work for Stella McCartney, was at the helm of the interior design.
Another reason why Balans Soho Society is one of the best new exclusive bars in London is because of their belief that ‘those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.’ Their cocktail menu certainly holds firmly to that very statement, so prepare to be shocked in a tongue tantalizing kind of way! We also certainly recommend that you give the food a go. Why not try the crab linguine or some bacorn (bacon popcorn). Definitely try it out!
best exclusive bars in London
The Hyde Bar, Knightsbridge 
The Hyde Bar is undeniably one of the best new exclusive bars in London and opened on the 10th February this year in the luxurious Park Tower Hotel. The award winning hotel is located in the heart of Knightsbridge and attracts only first-class clientele. If you’re into your whisky, classic cocktails, cigars or gourmet burgers then this is the place for you.
The bar has already received a mountain of attention for its fine selection of international premium whiskies.  (130 to be precise) Some of their signature cocktails include a ‘Chocolate Old Fashioned’, ‘The Henley Fizz’ and a ‘Raspberry Collins’. If they don’t sound inviting then we don’t know what does. Once you’ve ordered your expertly prepared drink then why not take a step outside onto the Townhouse garden inspired Cigar Terrace where you can indulge in a sumptuous cigar. To top everything off, if you’re feeling a little peckish, it would be rude not to sample a luxury burger or two. The burgers which are exquisitely designed by Chef Pascal Proyart are really not to be missed. (One of the buns is even decorated in gold leaf) Now do you understand where we’re coming from when we say that The Hyde Bar is definitely one of the best new exclusive bars in London!
best exclusive bars in London
The Ivy Soho Brasserie 
One of the best new exclusive bars in London is situated in The Ivy Soho Brasserie which opened on 7th February this year. The bar and restaurant really exhibit Soho’s well-known exuberance. The grand area is embellished with art celebrating Soho’s music scene and the famous poet, William Blake. The vibrant interior is beautifully juxtaposed by a sophisticated aesthetic. Meanwhile the cocktail menu follows a similar contrast, where both traditional and contemporary tipples are available to refresh the palette. When you visit be sure to tuck into some of the superb modern-day British cuisine. If you go on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday they normally have a DJ playing out some smashing tunes, so don’t miss out!
best exclusive bars in London
Ralph’s Coffee & Bar, Regent Street 
On January 12th 2017, Ralph Lauren gave birth to its first ever Bar in the UK called Ralph’s Coffee & Bar. As we all know, Ralph Lauren is no stranger to high quality and class therefore I’m sure you can imagine that it’s certainly one of the best new exclusive bars in London. The bar has been inspired by New York’s Polo Bar where the likes of Woody Allen and Rihanna have been seen indulging in the delights Ralph Lauren never fails to bring.
Inside, polo sticks, hats and framed pictures adorn the dark-wood panelled walls. Why not pull up a saddle-leathered stool at the brass-topped bar and order yourself a crispy and fruity wine while you wait for your oysters on ice to arrive. So what are you waiting for? Come to this new exclusive bar for high-end after-work drinks and live the luxury!
best exclusive bars in London
Disrepute, Soho 
Disrepute opened on 15th December in the bustling area of Soho, making it one of the best new exclusive bars in London as it includes exclusive and luxurious offers to its members. The bar stands where the well-known Kingly Club used be – a scandalous club where only the rich and famous partied in the 60s, including Audrey Hepburn. There is no mistake why Disrepute mixes our capital’s cocktail culture with 1960s counterculture.
The cocktail list is like no other, complete with individual anecdotal descriptions to aid customers with their drink selection on more of an emotional level. The decor is sleek and stylish: think marble floors, brass accents and jewel-coloured furniture. If you want to impress, Disrepute is the one.
best exclusive bars in London
Swift, Soho
Another addition to our Best New Exclusive Bars in London collection is a luxurious bar called Swift. This fancy new haunt in Soho was established in December 2016 by the creators of Oriole and Nightjar. Swift is even made up of two astonishing bars which perfectly compliment each other.
The casual upstairs bar is bright, breezy and a slightly Italiano. The cocktails certainly compliment the atmosphere such as the Sgroppino which is a frothy Prosecco based delight with citrus sorbet floating like an irresistible iceberg on the surface. The the bar snack upstairs is just wonderful if your a bit peckish. On the other hand, the dimly-lighted downstairs bar is more suited for the romantic. It really shows ambiance and sophistication. You will find the drink selection is more varied and there is even a live pianist on weekends who really helps you ease into the night.
best exclusive bars in London
Kitty Hawk, South Place 
After a multi-million pound investment, Kitty Hawk opened its doors on November 17th in South Place. Home to one of the best new exclusive bars in London, Kitty Hawk has been described as a ‘Department store for dining’. The Wright & Bell group have provided a dining, drinking and retail experience all under one roof. For those of you who wish to have a bit more seclusion there’s even a private dining room where you can have artisanal cuisine and cocktails sent over to your table by the attentive bar and restaurant staff. The striking Kitty Hawk interior was curated by the Russell Sage Studio and includes exposed polished timber and hand-stitched leather furniture. There are only so many words we can say to describe this place, so we definitely recommend you go and see it for yourself!
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