Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

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Mayfair is one of the best neighbourhoods in London for being surrounded by luxury. And luxury always comes with good food, drinks, design, and especially music. Everything tastes better with the sound of tango, and every sip is at its best when served with jazz music. Put them together, add a gorgeous environment, and find yourself craving electronic music and a fantastic DJ set. The best bars in Mayfair with a DJ already have that down, and here you will find some of them.


Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

Sketch nestles itself in the charming streets of Mayfair, open since 2003. The cuisine adapts to the style of ‘New French,’ and the vibrant gastro-brasserie covers two floors of an 18th-century building. David Shrigley’s Artwork surrounds the dining area marking it as a must-visit in London.

This quirky venue in London is beaming with history, hosting 220 years of events and people. Each room differs from the others, with every experience different from the last: chairs wearing ballet shoes, a magical forest and stairs dripping with paint. The glade was redesigned last year and represented a mythical forest. The Gallery offers a pink lover heaven to dine.

Pink chairs, a pink table, pink walls, pink floor. What more could you ask? The Lecture room goes on to present a sunset built within four walls. And there’s the Parlour, the restaurant and bar exclusive to Sketch members, hosting club nights with DJs and private events. 

Here are some reasons why we all visit Sketch: Toilets like no other in London; Disco dancing floor tiles as a ceiling, futuristic egg-shaped pods as toilets and an oval mirror to capture it all for Instagram.


Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

Cahoots is a secret bar with the theme of an old post-war 1940s tube station. The tiled walls, old bookcases, old suitcases, and lampshades help set the scene. There are ‘dazzling cocktails’ served with swing dances and sing-alongs all evening which help set the tone for a great atmosphere. Venue hire is available if you’re looking for a quirky place for a special occasion.

They have a range of different themed evenings. Live music starts with ‘scoundrels’ every Wednesday and Sunday. There’s live entertainment, from swing music to vintage DJs held throughout the week. Their ‘Cocktails and Rations’ menu ties in with the theme perfectly. In particular, the ‘squiffy picnic’, their unique creation of a humble British afternoon tea available daily.

Spread across three spaces, Cahoot offers an array of possibilities and environments for you to enjoy. The Underground hosts scoundrels and swing every week while serving high spirits and the authentic vibes of the post-war era. The Ticket Hall takes you through black-market liquors and an outdoor sitting area. Finally, visit the Signal Station for late-night cocktails inside a speak-easy place.

Donovan Bar 

Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

The Donovan Bar is a cocktail bar inside Brown’s Hotel in London. It is the place for those who genuinely know how to appreciate a well-crafted cocktail. Salvatore Calabrese, a leading name in the cocktail world, created it. Blending timeless classics with his original combinations, the expert has created an exclusive menu that explores impeccable flavours and aromas. Today, customers can indulge in some of his original creations. 

The Donovan Bar is intimate and sophisticated, dimly lit on wooden floors and teal seats. In a 1960s photography-themed room, you can lounge on velvety booths by the windows. Lose yourself in deep conversations and complex drinks. Photographs by Terence Donoval decorate the grey walls, and the L-shaped bar is stacked with bottles and labels of some of the best spirits and liquors in the world. 

Order the fresh and vibrant Wilde Nights, made with Black Bush Irish whiskey, green Chartreuse, homemade apple vermouth, a spray of absinthe, Acqua Bianca, and a splash of Champagne. The menu features many unique and creative cocktails and well-known classics like Aviation, Negroni, and Brandy Alexander. 

Also, DJs play soft lounge music during specific days of the week, all to match the already luxurious environment of the place.

Sexy Fish

Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

Sexy Fish is an Asian restaurant serving Japanese-inspired dishes in the heart of Mayfair. Here you can find a residence DJ who plays daily as you indulge in fresh sushi dishes in a mid-century decorated environment. They also host the Spring Dance of the Sea performance, where you can participate in live music, dance, costumes, and theatre spectacle. 

The extensive a la carte menu, focused on modern versions of traditional Japanese cuisine, offers sushi, sashimi, tiraditos, and robata dishes. Try the caramelised lamb rack with red kosho or the Japanese wagyu steaks if you’re a meat lover. For those who prefer the ocean, grilled seabass or halibut with mussels, smoked salmon and plenty of sashimi and makis are available. The king crab with bone marrow, black truffle, and toast is a house favourite, and the scallops with jalapeño sauce and pickled apples are also famous. 

Sexy Fish probably has the largest collection of Japanese whisky in Europe and savouring a glass of cowboy, single-barrel whisky is a must! The menu showcases details on the flavour profile and origin of different independent distilleries and some of the most famous ones in the whisky world. The cocktails are alright too, and you can find complex and fresh aromas in each one of them.  


Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

Coya is a Peruvian restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, born from the spirit of adventure. It offers clients excellent food and an immersive Latin American cultural experience. From the artwork decorating the place to the Latin music surrounding the environment, this place is perfect for those who want a whole sensory experience from one of Latin America’s best acclaimed gastronomic cultures. Here, dishes are intense and complex in flavour but simple in their presentation and preparation. 

The chefs craft traditional Peruvian dishes using Spanish, Japanese and Chinese techniques, The result is a mix of authentic and contemporary cooking and food. They have an a la carte menu, where Peruvian classics like ceviches, fish tacos, Nikkei rice, and many meat and fish dishes that highlight Peru’s fresh and citric flavours. Try the Lomo de Res for a spicy beef with shallots, aji, and star anise flavour combo.  The brunch menu is also popular, and you will find light dishes like the tiraditos de hiramasa, made with kingfish, dashi, chives, and truffle oil there. The set menu is available for large groups who can enjoy the private dining room and experience. 

The Pisco Bar is also perfect for grabbing a well-designed cocktail with authentic Peru flavours. There is also the possibility of joining the Member’s Club, where you can enjoy live music and Peruvian cuisine inside a Latin American-inspired dining room.

Park Chinois

Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

Park Chinois is luxury at its most refined expression. Inspired by 1930s Shanghai’s vibrant and colourful scenario, the restaurant brings experiential dining and eccentric Chinese food to your table. The restaurant is divided into two rooms, each displaying glamorous and lavish interiors. On the ground floor, find the Salon de Chine and dine with live music and unique cocktails. Head down to the lower floor and experience Club Chinois, with late-night DJ sets, drinks, and incredible Chinese cooking. 

Explore authentic Chinese food and the many influences it has collected over the centuries. The menu, crafted by Lee Che Liang, is an expression of his travels, paired with eastern and western flavours and influences. The result is a seasonal menu that only works with the freshest ingredients, always adding a bold and personal taste to the dish.

On the dinner menu, find salt and pepper squid with coconut flakes, a dish that explores the marvels that exist in simplicity—Order Wagyu, fish, vegetarian dishes, dim sums, noodles, and soup. Taste the Cantonese roast duck with champagne and orange sauce. Feel the skin’s crispness contrasting with the meat’s juiciness and the tangy break from the orange. Saturday brunches and special events are also worth the exploration.

Piano Works

Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

Piano Works is a non-stop audience-led music bar and restaurant. You can request songs by writing them down on the request slip and handing the paper to a server or musician onstage. And feel free to sing along as they play your favourite music. Finally, don’t forget to tip the human jukebox as you leave the place. With over 85 musicians employed (many of them coming to play independently), Piano Works can surprise you with their musical repertoire and capacity to play all night long.

Book your table and be ready to stand up and dance with the crowd. Drink champagne, wine, beer, or classics and creative house cocktails. Eat from the gluten-free menu, the regular one (with lamb rump, 35-day dry-aged ribeye steak, and cod filet), or enjoy some brunch with the classic crowd-pleasing dishes. 

The DJs who often play here cover a lot of different music genres. Enjoy electronic music one night and come back for a mix of old goodies on another. There is always something for everyone, which makes Piano Works one of the best bars in Mayfair with a DJ.


Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

Sartoria serves an all-day dining menu, with a menu created by the Italian chef Francesco Mazzei. He took inspiration from his home town in Itlay, bringing to London the best flavours and recipes that merge tradition and modernity. 

However, despite all the Italian wonders and delicacies at Sartoria, our focus is the late-night events at the Libare Bar. ‘Libare’ means ‘to make a toast’ in Italian, and there is no better word to symbolise this space. The perfect night consists of extravagant cocktails and excellent DJ sessions; you can find it here. During summer, see the bar & terrace transformed into a late-night wonder. On the stage, Ella DJ, a London-based artist, plays in the hottest clubs in the city. 

Listen to sets that blend classic, deep, and vocal house and disco. Also, taste some of the best dishes from the restaurant—Cuttlefish arancini, charcoal grilled lamb chops, Pecorino and roast pepper lasagne, and much more. 

Here is where the charm of Mayfair and the Italian style converge into one. Grab the cocktail list and choose from the extensive availability of aperitivos and digestivos. Sip negroni as your feet move side to side, and get an Aperol to freshen up when the music gets hotter.

The Loop Bar

Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

The Loop Bar is a party playground; the neon lights and dance floor attest to that. Besides the music, DJ, and plenty of dancing space, find a delicious food menu and an extensive cocktail list. What makes this one of the best bars in Mayfair with a DJ is that it blends all the best parts of life. 

Let’s start with Happy Hour, between 4 pm and 8 pm. Find 50% off all drinks, and dwell on their flavour. On Saturday nights, The Loop Bar hosts the Carwash vs Boom party, the ultimate experience of good music and drinks. Boom blends R&B and some of the most popular commercial hits. Carwash is the longest-running retro party in London, hosted in the basement of Loop. Find some of the best DJs in Europe, and learn how you can fall in love with so many different music genres. 

Order from the main menu, or look at the other options: a whole menu is dedicated to pizzas and another to canapes. Take advantage of the drag brunch, where entertainment and good food come hand in hand.

May Fair Bar

Best Bars in Mayfair with a DJ

May Fair Bar, as the name suggests, mirrors its surroundings. Inside, taste unique cocktails balanced perfectly to deliver mesmerising flavour and mouthfeel. As one of the best bars in Mayfair with a DJ, this venue blends luxury and good music. Close by, you can find boutique stores and impeccable architecture. 

As part of the iconic May Fair, a place that excels in expert hospitality. The bar serves nothing but the best. With an award-winning kitchen, comfortable and luxurious rooms, and fantastic amenities, find the best experience possible once you step through the doors. 

May Fair Bar collaborates with Vivir Tequila, a high-quality 100% agave spirit that is present in some of the bar’s signature cocktails. Aside from those, taste mixes are made with exclusive spirits and liquors. Eat Latin dishes that bring exciting flavours to your mouth. Peruvian saltado beef skewers with jalapeño sea salt and anticucho sauce are a perfect example of that. As you drink, munch on snacks, crispy tacos and sliders. 

DJ sets are held during certain days of the week, and you will be surprised to see how electronic music and tequila work so well together.

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