Bacchanalia Restaurant London

Bacchanalia Restaurant London

Bacchanalia is a London restaurant with Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and parties, as its muse. It is made for those who seek the sublime and long for escapism, with greek and Mediterranean cuisine and rich decor. Here you will find a blend of the old and the new, where ancient times clash with modern techniques and flavours. Indulge in a Greco-roman feasting experience, where the kitchen re-interprets famous Mediterranean dishes to fit a banqueting venture. 

The lunch service at Bacchanalia brings the freshness and vibrancy of the Mediterranean to the table. You should share everything — the wine, the food, and the music. The a la carte menu starts you off with a rich caviar selection. Indulge in sea beam carpaccio and spicy ‘nduja beef tartare. Order a bone-in rib eye with grilled artichokes or a braised veal with saffron polenta and a Barolo & fig sauce. The entire menu captures the essential essences of Mediterranean cuisine, displayed beautifully in front of you. 

The cocktails are creative expressions of regional aromas. The Arrabiata blends Plymouth Navy Gin, rhubarb, bergamot, citrus, and chipotle Morita. The Baklava mixes butter-washed Absolut Elyx Vodka, Palo Cortado Sherry, pistachio, and honey. Served inside elegant glassware, all cocktails at Bacchanalia are picture-perfect and mouthwatering. Find bottles from some of the most renowned vineyards in Italy, Greece, France, and Spain for the wine. The restaurant also serves its own-label bottles of red, white, and Champagne wines. 

Bacchanalia looks like the inside of a renaissance Greek temple. The marble sculptures that hang from the columns depict unicorns and angels, and the ceiling is painted like the sky to bring us back to ancient Greece. Opulence and style are present in the fresco painting on the back wall and the golden elements that decorate the bar. 

Bacchanalia Bookings

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Bacchanalia Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Greek

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: 1 Mount Street, London, W1K 3NA


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