Arnie Terminates The Arts Club

Capital A List – London club news – 13th March 2012
It’s not everyday you see a robot killer and a former member of the Royal family in the same room! The Arts Club played host to an interesting sight last week as body builder, turned actor, turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted partying at the same club as none other than Royal reject Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson. – Although we are unsure exactly why the terminator is in London?


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


It all looked like good fun for Arnie as fans clambered to get a snap shot of the iron man himself. But we can’t help but think that it may have been a little extreme sending in the Terminator to keep Fergie away from Buckingham Palace… Either way it seemed to work as ‘Fergie’ made a sharp exit almost as soon as Arnie had arrived!

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