Affordable Member Clubs in London

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The epiphany of luxury is being able to access it with privacy and uttermost elegance. There’s no better way to reach that than with a private member’s club. You can meet like-minded people and indulge in intricate conversations with a membership. Dwell on excellent service and goods, and enjoy your time to the best of its capacity. Also, not all member clubs need to be expensive to be exclusive and excellent. The best affordable member clubs in London offer you top-notch amenities, service, and networking opportunities so that people from different social classes can mingle and connect.  

Here we will present ten of the best affordable member’s clubs in London.

Soho House 40 Greek Street

Soho House 40 Greek Street is one of the best affordable member clubs in London. It started in 1995, and since then, it has been connecting young people. The founder of the place, Nick Jones, was the owner of the Café Boheme restaurant. It stands on the first floor. After being offered the townhouse above, Jones turned it into something special: a private club for regular artists and actors at his restaurant. 

A couple of decades later, Soho House became what it is today: an institution of good food and drinks and unique and artistic people. Inside a Georgian house in Soho, the first of many Soho Houses was born. Today, they have units in Notting Hill, Berlin, New York, and some other elegant locations. 

As a member, explore the international and mouth-watering restaurants of the club. Make use of the studio spaces with screenings and artistic pop-ups. Host your private events in dining rooms, gardens, bars and ballrooms. Find quiet and calm spaces to get work done and network with others. Buy vintage, unique furniture at Soho Home and decorate your apartment. The possibilities are endless.

Mortimer House

Affordable Member Clubs in London

Mortimer House is in the heart of Fitzrovia. It is the place for members to collaborate, create, and unwind, all under the same roof. The site has hospitality as its core value, meaning they pay special attention to high-quality service and the best amenities possible to make members feel at home. The art-deco building that hosts Mortimer House carries beautiful and intricate designs in its interior. Filled with social and well-being spaces, this is the ideal spot for people to feel connected to themselves and each other while enjoying a visually stimulating ambience. 

Filled with different workspaces, Mortimer House helps its members focus and work in a well-designed and clean environment. Work out at the house gym and take classes such as yoga, TRX, and even private training sessions. There are Private Studies for teams to meet and work together. Individual desks in communal spaces also offer a fully-furnished place that suits all needs. 

Taste Italian dishes in the Living Room & Den or at the Rooftop Bar & Terrace. Find flavours that blend Mediterranean freshness with Middle Eastern boldness, and indulge in cocktails, snacks, and full meals. You can also request “room service” that attends to all places inside the house.

The Groucho Club

Affordable Member Clubs in London

The Groucho Club is a conviviality space created for those who enjoy art and modernity. It is an arts & media private member’s club formed in the 1980s. Initially, it was made up of young women who saw it as an antidote for the classic gentlemen’s clubs. Today, it houses all who exhale literature, art, and media, celebrating the bohemian community of young artists in London. It is one of the most popular places for members of the creative industries to network and learn from one another. 

As a member of The Groucho Club, you have access to seventeen bedrooms that can host you during your London travels. Sip on creative and well-prepared cocktails at the club’s modern bar, and indulge in its colourful and loud decor. Also, dine at one of the two restaurants and enjoy Sunday roasts, breakfast, pizzas, and beautifully presented dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. Host a  private event even if you’re not a member — the staff can adjust private rooms to fit any configuration desired, from dinner parties to launches or roaring parties for hundreds of guests. 

This is one of the best affordable member clubs in London, where young creatives can find a home and like-minded people to share their craft. 

The Twenty-Two

The Twenty-Two is a hotel and one of the best affordable member clubs in London. Here, patrons are encouraged to use their membership spaces for working and studying just as much as socialising. Enjoy the Living Room space to rest and connect with art and like-minded young individuals. Take a break from life’s hectic pace to relax and chat about life and dreams. The terrace is the perfect place to drink and dine, where you can indulge in the hotel’s renowned restaurants and mouth-watering food that blends Mediterranean and British culinary arts. 

The Twenty-Two is an intricate design place where people experience an impeccable and intimate space. The music room allows you to listen to live music inside a timeless environment. The restaurant and bar host patrons and hotel guests alike, where both can indulge in seasonal and delicious dishes. The food has the least amount of intervention possible, and the cocktail list blends classics and house originals to create something curious and unique. Attend pop-ups and art expositions. Host your private dinner, party, or meeting surrounded by the 18th-century old-France decor. Membership perks include discounts, room and restaurant booking preferences, and a tailored programming calendar.  

The Curtain

The Curtain is one of the best affordable member clubs in London. It is a place that blends work and fun, business and culture, all to create an environment perfect for people to grow and cross borders. By becoming a member, you will have access to spaces like the terrace and rooftop pool, where you can indulge in summer sunlight, cocktails and snacks. Make use of the co-working space and work/study in a clean and fully-equipped environment. Enjoy the well-curated calendar of live events and workshops. Work at the club’s gym and participate in wellness programs and talks—network with like-minded individuals who all share a passion for exclusivity and development. 

As a part of the Mondrian Shoreditch hotel, The Curtain offers rooms in a modern and minimalistic hotel with exclusive amenities and an intimate environment. Lounge at the Rose Bar and enjoy the speak-easy decor that blends with classic and original drinks. Get 20% off the rooftop bar food and beverages, as well as in BiBo Shoreditch, one of the most luxurious restaurants in London. Indulge in blowout parties and special events. 

This is one of the best deals for those who want to grow and mingle with class and style.

M Den

Affordable Member Clubs in London

M restaurant on Threadneedle Street is Martin Williams’s first multifaceted venue that comprises the award-winning M Grill restaurant, M Den private members lounge, destination bar, wine-tasting room, private dining, and event spaces. Its private lounge is similar to M Den in Victoria and attracts only the elite. Abundant light descends from its lofty ceilings. Its walls are adorned with a rotating selection of art, and the rest of the interior is plush and sophisticated. Its underlying ethos is similar to its sister site, with its design cultivating the perfect space for members to change between business and pleasure quickly. 

By day, the M Den Threadneedle club London can be a discreet space for business, and by night it transforms into the ultimate drinking den. Members can enjoy the perks of a 10-seat screening room, an entertainment system and a pool table. They can also indulge in the finest drinks from the Belvedere Martini trolley and light yet sumptuous snacks from the wagyu bites bar menu. Upstairs discreetly hidden behind a door, members will find the ‘The Locker Room’, an intimate and private games room complete with a private bar, premium TV screens, personal bottle lockers, PlayStation and a foosball table.

The Ministry

Out of all affordable private member clubs in London, The Ministry is the best for those who want to work, connect, and build a healthy lifestyle. Inside a 50,000-square-foot warehouse, this club has become one of the best places in the city to find an efficient and clean workspace. Here you can get your own private office, which you can decorate however you want. It is fully furnished and has plenty of layout options. Individual desks are also an option for those working alone, where you can share an environment with other talented people. 

Take advantage of meeting rooms and common spaces to grow your business and network, and enjoy a clean and well-designed space. Snack and dine at the club’s café, where you can taste fresh pastries, soups, sandwiches, and healthy dishes. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients and incredible flavours, inspired by British classics with international touches. 

Enjoy the on-site gym and take classes with London’s top instructors, nourishing your body and mind. Indulge in world-class workout equipment, great sound systems, and highly modern technology. Do HIIT, floor barre, yoga, and mobility, and then dwell in a post-workout sauna treatment…. it is all available for members of The Ministry.

Keystone Crescent

Keystone Crescent is a unique private member club hidden below the streets of Kings Cross. It has a cosy and well-designed lounge, serving unique cocktails until 4 am. Here, you will find a talented and outstanding team of bartenders who have crafted an intricate cocktail menu for club members. This is the place for those who enjoy socialising while sipping on high-quality drinks, knowing how to appreciate them. 

By paying a £5 monthly fee, cocktail lovers can sit at the speakeasy-themed bar and indulge in drinks and good conversation with like-minded people. Enjoy drinks such as the Cherry Blossom, made with gin, hibiscus tea, yuzu liquor, pink pepper, cherry syrup, and lemon. Some classics like Penicillin and the Old Fashioned can carry house twists, making them even more delicious. 

Take part in cocktail-making master classes, gin and whisky tastings, and cocktail & pizza parties. You can host a private event here with plenty of champagne and canapes. Hire a private DJ or listen to live music while enjoying an intimate and well-designed environment. Attend members’ mixers every first Thursday of the month to network and mingle with other free-spirited individuals. 

The House of Koko

The House of Koko carries a 122-year legacy, alive until today, through an exclusive yet affordable member club experience. Members can find modern design, cocktail bars, restaurants, a roof terrace and vinyl rooms inside an immersive space. Explore the secret speakeasy room and indulge in well-crafted cocktails and mouth-watering food. Meet other club members and network with like-minded individuals who search for an exclusive good time. 

Built in the same Victorian building as the previous live music and club institution, here you can find a glittering incarnation of the history and prestige of Koko. As an extension of the Koko nightclub, the member’s club carries its house venue’s flair and party environment. Enjoy the day and night menus of Café Koko and catch amazing views of London from the Fly Tower viewing space. 

The House of Koko mimics a “backstage” environment, where a show’s exclusivity takes place. In a 19th-century theatre, the place blends bold colours and patterns to create an immersive and unique experience. If you’re a musician, take advantage of the recording studio and piano room, where you can practice your skill and release them to the world. 

Members also get exclusive access to secret shows in the main theatre, as this is one of the vest affordable members clubs in London. 

The Conduit

The Conduit is an affordable member club in London made for changemakers and entrepreneurs. You can find entrepreneurs, civil society leaders, activists and policymakers gathered here to change the world. According to them, The Conduit “is a collaborative community of people committed to creating a just, prosperous and sustainable future.” There is no better place to connect with people who want to create a positive and sustainable impact. With members from all over the world, The Conduit helps you nourish long-lasting friendships. 

Aside from networking, you can also enjoy a variety of perks as a member.  Enjoy the restaurant’s food and indulge in dishes prepared with sustainable ingredients. They source products from small-scale, local producers, vouching for sustainability and regional impact. Attend over 150 events focused on networking, community building, leadership development, and well-being. Discuss and discover solutions for world problems, and expand your mind beyond imagination. 

There is always a clean and fully-equipped environment for small-scale companies, freelancers and individual workers. Make use of the club’s workspaces, which accommodate all working styles. Collaborate with like-minded individuals and discover new passions and ways to improve the world. 

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