10º Sky Bar London

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to taste the smokiness of a mezcal cocktail while staring at the sunset over the London skyline? Well, 10º Sky Bar is the place to live that experience. Located on the 28th floor of the Hilton hotel in London, 10º Sky Bar offers a unique sensory experience. The place is named after the golden hour created by the sunset. The orange and pink rays of sunlight shine brightly from the bar’s viewpoint. 

Aside from the view of the city, there’s the place’s interior design. Large windows that cover the floor-to-ceiling walls let plenty of natural light in. Over the black marble and terracotta tiled bar, greenery dangles from the ceiling. In the dining room, velvet booths and sofas with different colors and patterns illuminate the environment, dancing with the cream walls that turn red under the dim nighttime lighting. Many plants and cushions decorate the place, and you will feast your eyes on the golden lamps and details on the small side tables. 

The bar has a rich collection of whisky and vintage champagne. You can also order one of the many unique cocktails made with spirits and liquors from boutique luxury brands. Cocktails like the spritzy Only Us carry flavors of sweet wine, Kinobi gin, Suze, jasmine, and peach soda. Others are more bitter, with Cocchi Dopo Teatro vermouth, Campari, and mezcal, a different take on the classic negroni. You can order some food to come with our cocktails, like a Wagyu beef slider with smoked cheese and pickles or Jamon and manchego Spanish croquetas.

Enjoy the weekend afternoon tea and become part of one of London’s most authentic traditions. Order a scone or other sweet treat and savor classic teas or beverages spiked with gin or champagne. 

10º Sky Bar Bookings

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10º Sky Bar London Dress Code & Address

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: 22 Park Lane

Website: https://www.10degreeslondon.com/

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