The Box Guestlist & Tables

The Box Guestlist & Tables

WARNING!! Eccentric, erotic and controversially explicit….Do you dare step onto The Box guestlist or book a Box table?

From the seedy depths of Manhattan, NYC to the red light of our very own Soho, The Box guestlist, conservatively named the ‘Theatre of Varieties’, is the ultimate in erotic entertainment – exhibiting ‘the cheapest of thrills for the most expensive of tastes’ on a dirty Saturday night!

A sexual sanctum, this London club is a self-acclaimed refuge of “mystique, mystery and sexual openness” says Simon Hammerstein, the man behind the club. The Box is for the insatiably insane…and we just love it!!!

With outrageously x-rated entertainment, the club features a controversial cast of frisky Friday freaks that will leave you both horrified and thoroughly entertained! Those who dare step foot onto The Box guestlist leave bewildered, in disbelief, sometimes offended…and wanting more!!!!

Why no video? – The box ban all photographic and recording devices from the venue!

The entertainment is not for the faint hearted and commences with a transsexual (innocently identified as Rose) performing a sex act on himself with the neck of a vodka bottle before proceeding to drink the contents and spray it on the adorning audience! It is this ethos that has split the media on whether they love the place or find it plain repulsive!

However, host to a surprising wealth of celebrities such as Kate Moss, and even Royalty with Prince Harry and Princess Beatrice frequenting the joint, The Box guestlist and The Box table bookings has fast become a quintessential Thursday hotspot for unequivocal guilty pleasures.

Spread across two floors, those lucky enough to enter do so through a wooden hatch door before embarking on a gold carpeted staircase to the seedily lit pit of pestilence above that hosts the sordid soiree. A mirror image of its New York equivalent, the dÈcor is comprised of antique candle lit booths with a downtown city vibe in a palate of deep red and gold. The wallpaper is provocatively emblazoned with fornicating cherubs – a trusty testament to the night ahead!

Whether you love it or you hate it, The Box guestlist is certainly an exhilarating experience you will never forget! It is a chamber of devilish debauchery that will leave you painstakingly stunned and shamelessly entertained!….Enter if you dare!

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Open: Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Sunday
11-12 Walker’s Ct London W1F OED | | +44(0)2072052245


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