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Often a good night-out in London can be confused with five to eight hours of hummingbird activity; the most places dropped in, pillaged and evacuated on route to the cab home equals the ‘satisfying’ party.

But what about a truly enriching night. One where there is no need to leave, to seek anew, to start over next door, because everything you need is there. Enter Nolita Social, a newer Knightsbridge venue and one of the best underground bars in London.

North of Little Italy — Nolita — imbues its Hyde park corner with a flash of New York. It’s the electrifying glamour of sleeplessness, a nocturne time too good to abandon, that emboldens the soft lounge sets and Manhattan mansion decor. Small and intimate, this bar invited us to wile away the hours with a sustained ambience: every hour live music and DJ sets encompassing 70’s soul to 90’s Hip Hop alternated (nothing wakes you up like a double dose of gospel hits and B-boy lyricism all in one evening). this goes on until 1 am, and we felt so compelled to stay (it turns out they even host events outside of these generous regular hours — with a 100 spaced Bar-venue having hosted everything from film production to album parties, in true eclectic little Italy spirit.)

Healthy Bar bites let us indulge while retaining that light footed Empire state of mind and vivacity: Nolita serves smoked smoky Mozzarella samosas, Tuna cones softened with rich avocado touches and a roasted red pepper hummus that made us feel spoilt for flavour as well as nourished for an extended party at the bar.

Just as the music ebbed, softened and roared to life at intervals — so did the drinks we found at our disposal — we started with the Lost Sailor cocktail, one to send you offshore into that good night. And what better way to begin than with caviar infused vodka and cherry and orange bitters to taste (start as you mean to finish — in sheer decadence). When it finally comes time fora nightcap, we can’t recommend the Stairway to Heaven highly enough. It could be hard to re-enter ones body after such a sublime and elongated bar party — but somehow the weighty lull of lager, the dreamy sweetness of vanilla and the last push of Bombay sapphire achieves that most New York of traits — the great, dramatic, final point.
Make a reservation, or simply stroll in (“hey, you’ll walk-in here”) to London’s Big Apple, one of the best new bars, Nolita Social.


Nolita-social Dress Code & Address


Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Knightsbridge

Address: 4 Knightsbridge Green, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7QA


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