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An authentic steakhouse located on Soho’s Windmill Street juxtaposing the rustic atmosphere one would expect from a steakhouse with a refreshing modernity and glamour. Sophie’s began originally on Fulham Road operating for fifteen years, with the latest edition being the Soho branch that has attracted much attention and curiosity due to it being set inside the converted Moulin Cinema, infamously revered as London’s oldest adult cinema, and also as a result of its unconventional blend of classic steakhouse cuisine with popular fish and vegetarian dishes.

Sophie’s delivers on its classic steakhouse inspiration with its industrial exposed brick walls and plush red leather seats, and intertwines this with modern accents epitomised in its bright and airy dining space, open kitchen and high-vaulted ceilings holding a remarkable hand-made light installation. The atmosphere at Sophie’s reflects a casual elegance with its large central bar, at which Sophie’s speciality, the American classic Martinis, are skilfully crafted with mixes including pumpkin margarita, and chilli-infused vanilla vodka with passion fruit. With Sophie’s cast iron ‘infernillo’ grill in the centre of the restaurant and separating the dining area from the open kitchen, guests are drawn into a “back-to-basics” cooking spectacle in which they can watch their dish of choice slowing cooking over the prominent fire pit.

At Sophie’s, guests can select an American-styled trio of rich beef rib croquettes balanced with sharp pickled mayonnaise, cubes of roasted beetroot and dices of lightly seasoned horseradish. As an alternative to a beef starter, a sea bass carpaccio is a popular choice featuring thinly sliced raw fish lightly garnished with lime juice and fresh chilli. Sophie’s is a steakhouse at its core, and its selection of classic steaks including sirloin, fillet and rib-eye accompanied with peppered bone-marrow gravy and Béarnaise sauces definitely deliver on this simplistic definition. All of the meat is native-breed, procured from farms in both Scotland and Northern England, and dry-aged for twenty-eight days before being cooked fire-side allowing for the tender meat to have a smokey taste emanating from the outer char to the blushing core. Guests can also opt to try Sophie’s grilled octopus, tuna steak and cauliflower with hummus tahini and pomegranate that are also prepared on the grill carrying the same smokey flavour profile as the meat dishes.

Guests can finish off their meals with decadent desserts including the American classic baked cheesecake with tart rhubarb. After which, guests can then carry on the enjoyment of their evening and partake in an evening escapade to Jack Solomon’s Speakeasy club covertly located behind a faux store-front right beneath Sophie’s.

Sophie’s is a modern rendition of a classic steakhouse, that not only offers sophisticated dining experiences but that is also accessible to spontaneous walk-in guests looking for an intimate spot to have a quick coffee or a signature cocktail. It has arguably been viewed as one of Central London’s best steakhouses delivering elegantly crafted and diverse dishes, and with it only being about a minute’s walk from the Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, it holds a prime location that cannot be missed.


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Sophie’s Cuisine, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Steak, British

Dress Code: Casual Elegant 

Area: Soho

Address: 42-44 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7NB


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