The Xfactor advantage

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 8th October 2012
This year’s X Factor hopefuls were seen celebrating at Whisky Mist early last week. The top 12 finalists didn’t waste any time taking advantage of their newfound celebrity status and relished being in the lime light. Realistically, this will come to a sudden halt for most of them as they are competing in a competition after all, so they may as well live it up a little while they can! The finalists were only revealed last Sunday night and were seen out soon after.


Jaymi Hensley, 22, who reached the finals with his boy band Union J, was photographed outside of Whisky Mist with two ladies on his arm and was later snapped sharing a cuddle with the blonde out of the two girls. While finalist, Ryan Clark was seen with his hand between the boobs of a Take Me Out contestant. Oh, the jobs of being a B List celeb!

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