The Best Wine Bars in Kensington

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Finding good wine bars in Kensington is something you need to do in life. This London neighbourhood houses some of the most significant cultural expressions of the city, and a good glass of wine after a visit to the museum will brighten your day. Here, we chose to introduce venues that serve wines from all over the world, crafting their menu with excellence, only to present the best bottles of outstanding vineyards and vintages.

Visit any of the ten restaurants and bars on this list and enjoy some hours of mouth-watering food and spectacular service in well-designed environments. 


Wine Bars in Kensington

Mimino, the first on our list of the best wine bars in Kensington, is a Georgian restaurant. Although it doesn’t have the fanciest designs and the most sophisticated dishes, it serves some of the best Georgian food in London. Ever wondered what that’s like? 

Try some khachapuris, an artisanal bread stuffed with eggs and cheese. At Mimino, you can have varieties of it of different sizes and with some extra cheese on top if you’d like. Try the khinkali, Georgian dumpling-like dough stuffed with beef and lamb, pork, chees and herbs, pumpkin or potatoes. Shish-kebabs named mtsvadi are also a popular choice on the menu. 

However, what makes Mimino a wine bar on our list is its unique selection of Georgian wines. Although the list is small, these will be some of the most impressive wines you’ll ever try. White wines are made with Rkatsiteli grapes, showing aromas of peach and forest fruit. Blends between Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Mtsvane offer quince aromas and a smooth finish on the mouth. 

Find the semi-sweet Tsolikouri grape from the Tvishi micro-zone and taste kiwi notes in the glass. Reds are made from Saparavi grapes from different zones, each with their particular aroma profile, body, and length.

San Pietro

San Pietro is an authentic Italian restaurant serving some of the best wines in the country. The wine menu is extensive and offers a selection of reds, whites, rose, and proseccos, all from Italy’s best regions and producers. Find affordable and refreshing bottles and also vintage bottles for over £1000. On the Super Tuscan Collection, you can find powerful blends of some of the best grapes grown in Italy. The Premium Selection presents chardonnays from Piedmont and Burgandy. 

To accompany your wine, and not the other way around, pick from the food menu and savours some of the best Italian food in Kensington. As your starter, order the oven-baked creamy burrata cheese wrapped with pancetta, served with sautéed aubergines and cherry tomatoes. Match that with a refreshing white wine, then move to the mains. The Spaghetti Vongole, with clams, garlic, chilli, cherry tomatoes, white wine sauce and parsley, is a house famous. 

Pizzas here are also spectacular, crafted in the traditional Neapolitan way. A thin crust with charred borders is a must. On top, go for the classics like the Romana, Diavola, Capricciosa or Margherita. For something special, maybe the Pizza Tartufo, mozzarella, truffle cream, 20-months cured Parma ham, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese.


Wine Bars in Kensington

Côte is a French brasserie with over 20 units spread across London. They focus on working with fresh, seasonal and crafted dishes, highlighting the best of every ingredient used. The meat comes from responsible and ethical farmers in the UK, Ireland and South America.  Côte also has its butchery, where experts ensure that every piece of meat is perfectly cut. 

Now, what makes Côte part of our list of wine bars in Kensington is its rich collection of French wines. Here you can try wines from various regions of France, each with its particular terroir. Taste hillside sunbathed sweet grapes to classics from Champagne, Provence, Burgandy and beyond. 

Order from their seasonal menu and try a salad starter with glazed crispy duck confit, oranges, watercress, French bean and yoghurt dressing. A popular main dish is the 6-hour slow-cooked beef cheek with mushrooms, bacon lardons and potato purée. Other mains include confit pork belly, monkfish, and various cuts of steak. The vegetarian and vegan menu is also rich and flavourful. Order the crêpes with Espresso Martini syrup, coffee crème fraîche, Kahlua, vodka, chocolate sauce, and raspberries.

Enoteca Rosso

Enoteca Rosso is an Italian wine bar passionate about outstanding food and wines. They bring the classic Italian enoteca experience to London, where you can chat with friends, laugh out loud, and taste wines from various regions of the country. The food is fresh, and the pasta is homemade. The cheeses come from artisan producers, and the charcuterie is curated with extreme care. Terracotta bricks cover the walls, and wood, brass, and black iron fill up the rest of the space. 

The wine menu is curated with bottles from small and big vineyards in Italy. You will taste unique wines with particular aroma combinations and some of the Italian winemaking classics. At Enoteca Rosso, the owners are closely connected to wine producers, collecting bottles that are hard to find outside of Italy. 

As for the food, order some arancini to start, stuffed with mushroom and mozzarella, spinach and ricotta, or beef ragu. The pasta dishes present some classics like bolognese lasagna and spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce. The salads are rich and well served, and the sandwiches from the house deli are also famous among loyal customers. Cannoli and tiramisu make up the dessert menu. 

Piano Kensington

Wine Bars in Kensington

Piano Kensington is a piano bar inside the Royal Garden Hotel. Here, you will encounter musicians that sing and play your requests and their compositions. This is the ideal place to try out on a weekday for jazz fans who enjoy after-work drinks with friends. 

What makes Piano Kensington part of the best wine bars in Kensington list is the perfect blend between wine and music you find here. Aside from the cocktails, they also have a selection of outstanding wines from different parts of the world. The list may be small, but it gathers great labels from Spain, Argentina, Australia, France, Italy, and others. 

For the food, try the bar snacks and order a pizza. Here you can find comfort foods like buttermilk chicken strips with spicy sriracha dip, mini burgers, calamari with garlic, breaded prawns with chilli aioli, parmesan chips, and charcuterie boards for sharing. The pizza flavours include the classics: Diavola, Margherita, Italian sausage, prosciutto, and others.

The best part of this venue is its entire atmosphere put together. Live music always sounds better, with quality wine and cocktails on one hand and a pizza slice on the other. The place is famous and gets full very fast. If you want to attend an event, book ahead of time. 

The Kensington Wine Rooms

The Kensington Wine Rooms is probably one of the best wine bars in London. The place opened in 2009, and since then, it has been faithful to its main philosophy: good wine, food, and conversation. With over 40 wines by the glass, you can explore many different flavours and aromas from various regions of the world. A mix of famous winemakers and boutique vineyards colour the wine menu. A knowledgeable staff is always present to help you choose, in case you don’t feel like following the recommended matches on the menu. 

Order some British cheeses and Spanish meats to accompany your wine, or go for authentic dishes like the wild mushroom and black truffle tortelloni with king oysters. The pistachio-crusted lamb rack, garden peas, and cherry vine plate are also trendy. But first, order starters and share them with the table. For example, foie gras with walnuts, fig jam, and brioche should pair perfectly with a Gewurztraminer. 

Longe at the bar area, an intimate room sitting up to 40 people. There is also plenty of space to walk around and chat with others, all while exploring the world through wine. 


Wine Bars in Kensington

28-50 only serves wines they genuinely like. They offer a collection of 15 reds and 15 whites, both bottle, and by-the-glass. The list frequently changes, constantly introducing customers to some of the best grapes and labels in the market. The restaurant and wine bar is a cosy and private space where you can truly explore your passion and interest for wine, always learning something new and exploring flavours you’ve never seen before, both in the wine you drink and the food that comes to pair with it. 

The food menu changes seasonally, always offering fresh ingredients and flavours. You can go for the group menu, which serves eight to 20 people and can be designed for your party. Alternatively, choose the a la carte menu and taste dishes like Bluefin tuna with ginger, chilli, and sesame as a starter. Maybe a juicy rib-eye steak or an aubergine tagine with cashew and parsley for the main course. Take the house suggestions for wine pairings and enjoy a perfectly balanced meal. 

Find an island bar with baby-pink stools surrounding it. Warm lighting hangs from the white ceiling over the dark wood floors, and wooden wine boxes are stacked on the walls, decorating the entire dining room.

Tapas Brindisa

Tapas Brindisa is probably the best tapas bar in Kensington. Here, you can find tapas inspired by traditional Spanish home cooking. With a menu that changes each season, this venue cherishes the Spanish culture of good food, wine, and conversation. All ingredients are highly fresh and imported from small family producers around the Iberian country.  

Enjoy a large family lunch on a Sunday afternoon before taking a culture walk, or maybe grab some small plates and aperitivo after work. Even late-night dinners are welcome, where you can taste an exquisite collection of Spanish wines and authentic food. Sit on the terrace, and people watch while sipping a glass of white wine during the summer. Discover the Spanish lifestyle and hospitality—-as they say at Tapas Brindisa: “nuestra casa es su casa.”

Order cheese boards, small salads, and grilled meat. Try the Galician dairy cow sirloin steak with vine tomatoes, padron peppers, and chimichurri, for example. Small plates called picoteo are also a house speciality. Marinated anchovies and Iberian ham croquettes paired with a glass of sparkling cava wine are a good option. Taste huevos rotos, tortilla de patata, and a lot more. 

As for the drinks, here’s why this is one of the best wine bars in Kensington: Find a rich selection of wines from the best regions of Spain. Reds, whites, and cava are all sourced from famous and boutique producers. Also, taste sherry wine, dry, bold or sweet. 


Wine Bars in Kensington

Hawksmoor is the place you go to find the perfect steak. With restaurants spread worldwide, and over five units in London alone, this place is a reference for quality cuts and cooking points. It is part of our list of wine bars in Kensington because it also has a vibrant selection of wines to accompany your meal. 

As for the food, start with some oysters and maybe bone marrow and onions over sourdough toast. The house Surf ‘n’ Turf is always on guaranteed excellence: a fillet and half a lobster with garlic butter. You can also order large cuts of steak with various sides. 

At Hawksmoor, they always work with the best ingredients available, such as grass-fed, reared cattle and sustainable seafood from the British coastal areas. All fruits and vegetables are seasonal, and the grill highlights the best of each flavour and aroma. 

On the wine menu, you’ll find labels from all over the world. Reds, whites, roses, ports and sherries, and special reserve bottles are all available. Order different wines for your group and enjoy a juicy steak at one of the best wine bars in Kensington.

The Queens Arms

The Queens Arms explores truly authentic British foods and culture. Here, you can find comfort and elegance combined to create a memorable drinking and eating experience. A hidden gem and well-kept secret in Kensington, this venue is suitable for any hour of the day, under any occasion. 

Enjoy a Sunday Brunch, Tuesday lunch, or Friday night dinner at The Queens Arms. Taste dishes that celebrate traditional British cooking and ingredients, all with a unique house twist. Aside from the mesmerising wine selection, you can also order craft beer and premium spirits that become tasty cocktails. 

Order the roasted butternut squash and asparagus risotto with basil pesto and pumpkin seeds as a starter. As for the main dish, maybe go for the pan-roasted cod with king prawn, caper and samphire beurre noisette, and buttered heritage potatoes. Aged rib-eye steaks, Iberian pork, and a juicy bacon burger are also excellent options. And how about the orange polenta cake with raspberry and rosewater cream for dessert?

The wines at The Queens Arms are sourced globally, and the restaurant offers bottles with a broad spectrum of aromas, bodies, and lengths. Crispy reds and refreshing whites can be just the thing you need to make your meal perfect. 

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