Tulisa loses it on twitter

Capital A List – London club news – 13th March 2012
We knew it wouldn’t be long until we’d spot another “reality” TV star at Mayfair Mecca, Aura. Lauren Goodger was spotted looking surprisingly stylish in an all in one jumpsuit as she partied the night away with golden girl Tulisa.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


This did nothing to help poor Tulisa’s case however, as she has spent the past week denying rumours of a casual hook up with none other than fellow TOWIE cast member, Mark Wright! Tulisa tweeted her heart out saying;

I have sumthin 2 say 2day..1.people make me sick the things they do 4 cash,disgustin.2.why am I meant 2 b bangin every guy Im seen with?
3.I have DEFFINITELY NOT shagged mark wright and I can swear that on my uncle B’s GRAVE!
GUESS WHAT… I am seeing some1!!cus Im a bloody human being!& it gets better!..he is not mark wright!& 4 the record mark is not my type & nor me his..
In fact he thinks Im a chick with a dick. & like my men a bit ruff around the edges!write that!middle finger is up..twit rant is over,thanks.

As long as Aura keeps dishing out its invites, then we suspect that it’s only matter of time before the two face another rumour round up… But remember no one messes with Tulisa!

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