The Walbrook Club London

The Walbrook Club London

The Walbrook Club in London is a family-run establishment. It was originally a family office for Rudolph Palumbo and his son, Lord Peter Palumbo. Now, it became a discreet and welcoming haven for a diverse range of members.

Upon entering The Walbrook Club, one is immediately struck by the rich history and character that permeate its walls. Each painting, picture, and piece of furniture within the club tells a story, a testament to the club’s deep-rooted heritage. The interiors are masterfully designed by the late Mark Birley. He is famous for his work on renowned establishments like Mark’s Club, Harry’s Bar, and Annabel’s. The culinary legacy of the club is equally impressive. Here, the kitchens were once run by the legendary chef Albert Roux of Le Gavroche fame.

The Walbrook Club maintains an air of old-school charm and charisma, evident in its dress code that encourages members to embrace a sense of formality with jackets and blazers. This dress code reflects the club’s commitment to maintaining a distinguished atmosphere. The club boasts a significant proportion of young members, with a quarter under the age of 25, and a growing number of international members, reflecting its appeal to a modern, global audience.

Here, you can find various guest speaker events, providing members with opportunities to engage with influential figures across various fields, from the Chairman of Lloyd’s of London to the Director of the Natural History Museum and the renowned photographer Rankin. These events add a dynamic and intellectual dimension to the club’s offerings.

In addition to individual memberships, The Walbrook Club offers corporate, overseas, and junior options, catering to a wide range of needs and interests. This flexibility in membership types further demonstrates the club’s commitment to inclusivity and adaptation to the needs of its members.

The Walbrook Club London Dress Code & Address

Dress Code: Formal

Area: City of London

Address: 37a Walbrook, London EC4N 8BS


Please note – Capital A List does not offer access – This article is for informational purposes only.

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