Silver Winner

You’ve Won Our Silver Prize!

Each week we submit everyone who has a birthday coming up into a prize draw. Then using a very technical system of a blindfold, a hat and then spinning around we select the name randomly. The winner then gets spoiled at our either our awesome Friday or Saturday night party (their choice) and generally treated like a true vip!

The good news is you’ve won our silver prize b*tch!

What have I won?

Well as it’s your birthday we’re going to be extra nice to you. Not only will you get drinks on us on our hosting table throughout the night, but we’ll also chuck you a bottle of Vodka (normally charged at £250), plus a choice of a mystery envelope containing either an Ipad, £30 cash, or a bottle of Champagne, and to top it off we’ll even give you a high five. Win!

Where will this be?

As you know we move clubs almost every night. This is down to the fact that clubs come and go in popularity and we always want to be partying at the best place. So safe to say, it will be an awesome club. We’ll let you know on the phone exactly where it will be.

Just keep in mind that we throw the best parties ever. And we’re damn proud of it. x

When can I do this?

You’ve got up to a month to claim, and you can choose between a Friday and a Saturday of your choice. Just let us know when’s good and we will do our best to accommodate you. Go shorty it’s your birthday!