Rihanna Causes Another Punch Up!

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 28th June 2012
After giving an unforgettable performance at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend, Rihanna and her entourage made their way to Whisky Mist to carry on the party. The star didn’t even stop to change her outfit of a graphic T shirt, black hot pants and cut off fishnet tights. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


The only glitch in Bajan babe’s night occurred as she tried to leave the club at 3.30 am, fighting through a crowd of awaiting Paparazzi. Her bodyguard reportedly lost his temper, and was caught on film punching one of the photographers to the ground. It seems as though guys just can’t stop fighting over RiRi!

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