Rihanna Puckers Up for Rita Ora!

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 24th May 2012
Doing nothing to dispel the wild child image, hard partying Rihanna ended up missing her morning flight after a raucous birthday party at DSTRKT! The bash was held in honour of Jay-Z’s manager Tyran Smith and was also attended by the likes of Kanye and Kim, Stella McCartney, Chris Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow. Rumours abound that Kim ordered Kanye to leave the party early after he spent too much time socialising with the other party goers, especially fellow fashion designer McCartney.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


Jay-Z’s newest protégé Rita Ora, who has been dubbed Britain’s answer to Rihanna, came face to face with her supposed rival but suprisingly there were more kisses than claws out! Rihanna took a picture of herself planting a smooch on Rita’s cheek, tweeting it with the jokey caption, “@rihanna hatin a$$ biatch!!!! Mwah!!!!!!”

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