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Berkeley Square hosts home to private members club Morton’s. It was original built for in 1823 for Chancellor of the Exchequer and is famously known for being the Bentley Brother favourite social scenes in the 1920’s. The bar brings architecture, fame and a sheer exclusivity to streets of Mayfair. Being open for so many years Morton’s puts itself on the map and being run by Marlon Abela who is also known for being a restaurateur extraordinaire. Morton’s club London is made up of four storey’s including a night lounge, bar , restaurant and club.

The interior of Mortons set’s it aside from many other clubs with modern and contemporary artwork by Frank Auerback, Henri Matisse and Joan Miro layering the walls. Having a collection by three renowned incredible artists instantly makes it a need to be part of along with various other artists also showcasing incredible pieces. Glass panels allow the natural light to flow through on the inside gazing out on Berkeley Square.

The ethos of the building holds so much culture and history and each floor has its own story to tell and experience to hold.

The cocktails on offer are specially created by the incredibly talented mixologists of Morton’s. The menu has a wide variety and a drink for everybody. The ‘Eight Clouds’ cocktail is tequila based with fresh pomegranate, orange blossom bitters and honey. All the ingredients shaken together gives the kick of tequila but then fresh fruit flavours to soothe the after. A more refreshing drink is the ‘Riddle’ which consists of vodka , fresh grapes, elderflower and apple juice. The kind of drink you can dance the night away with. Morton’s club London offers cocktails only exclusive to them and you’d be silly to not work your way through the menu and try them all. The combination of flavours is used so carefully to create unique flavours after trying it becomes an addiction. A definite must try if you’re the kind of person to ways try something new is the ‘Spicy Dog.’ A mixture of fresh ginger, chilli vodka and home made honey syrup. Not for the faint hearted.

The private members club is a privilege to attend but it helps to have contacts as being able to visit you’ll need to be invited by an already member or be referred by two existing members to become a potential member. It doesn’t get anymore exclusive then Morton’s.

Morton’s Club London Dress Code & Address


Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Mayfair

Address: 28 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6EN


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