Manteca Restaurant London Review

Manteca is an Italian-inspired restaurant in London that focuses on hand-rolled plates of pasta, an in-house salumeria, and whole-animal butchery. They bake the bread over a wood fire, granting the typical black chars over crispy crusts, with a soft and chewy interior. Inside the restaurant, the decor embraces different shades of brown, from the walls to the ceiling and the furniture. 

The space is small, and one may wonder how they can fit so many people inside without it getting cramped, but it doesn’t happen — every inch is perfectly calculated, and customers and staff move gracefully through the dining room. Light-colored booths cover the sidewall, alongside chalky blacks bricks with small green bouquets of plants hanging in front, and behind them, you can take a glimpse of the kitchen and the action happening inside. The rest of the furniture, tables and chairs with no particular extravagance are spread across the dining room. 

The menu avenges all the extravagance lacking in the interior design. Visitors praise every item, and everything is a “must try.” Pasta dishes come in two sizes, where you can order smaller portions or regular ones — the cacio e pepe, a house favorite, comes with crab meat that surprisingly does not deliver that seafood flavor people would expect. Instead, it complements the savory aspect of the cheese and dances with its umami. The fried pork with apple mustard and the ‘nduja steamed mussels are other unique flavor combinations. They butcher the meat on-site, and customers can see the cold cults hanging by the kitchen. The cocktails divide into classic and house recipes, where you can find creative variations of classics like Mai Tai and Old Fashioned. The wine list is long and offers various wines from Italy and international options. 

Manteca Bookings

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Manteca Restaurant London Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Italian

Dress Code: Smart Casual

Area: Shoreditch

Address: 49-51 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3PT, United Kingdom


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