Little Mix at Whisky Mist

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 9th November

The Little Mix girls were out this week celebrating the release of their new single ‘Move’ at celeb favourite Whisky Mist. After their energetic X-factor performance the girls were in the mood to party tweeting’And now it’s time to partaaayyy!!!! @WhiskeyMist 😀 #MOVEonout #MOVEtothegroove #MOVEoutnow xxxx, on the way to the venue.’The X-factor winners kept fans posted through the night with an Instagram pic featuring the caption’Just got to the club and need to warm up!….It’s time to #Move.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


Clearly the girls were feeling the cold, as they arrived at the Mayfair hotspot well wrapped up. While the rest of the girls soon soon lost their winter wear and revealed their slinky outfits, Perrie wasn’t so quick to warm up, deciding to keep her outfit covered up with a grey shawl/blanket type thing. With their sophomore album ‘Salute’ out on November 11th and new single ‘Move’ currently at number 3 in the charts, we’re expecting to see a lot more of these girls out celebrating in the coming weeks.

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