Intern Testimonials

intern testimonial "During this internship I gained firsthand insights on how exactly a well maintained concierge agency functions and how relationships with clients are being established and maintained. I developed thorough understanding and appreciation of the management and marketing side of digital communication, operating across a various range of clients. This helped me realise that comprehending clients' expectations is the first and probably the most important step towards meeting the client's needs."
Dora Bidjimi
intern testimonial "The best thing about interning at Capital A List, is the combined professional and social experience that you gain. As an intern I gained many marketing and skills, my CV was highly improved and many prospective employers found my experience impressive. At the same time my involvement with the company was so much fun, the office environment was sociable and lively and it was a great perk being able to visit all the clubs."
Gabi Varlow
intern testimonial "An internship at Capital A List was a fantastic start to my career in events. After 3 months interning I was offered a job as Events manager within the company. Throughout this I was able to improve my sales and marketing skills and also further develop my creative skills as I was put in charge of creative development of the new website."
Rosana Lindfors
intern testimonial "The internship at Capital A List was a perfect opportunity for me to improve my skills in the English language, content marketing, sales and event management. The working conditions are fantastic, as the working hours are very convenient, the chance to join every party I wanted and especially the team is just great- likeable, humorous, awesome! But the best part of it was that I never had to stand back, everyone has it’s own tasks and responsibilities and so do the interns, so I learned a lot during these three month and also had a lot of fun. "
Saskia Holst
intern testimonial "Capital A List was the start of my marketing career, a great company to work for, with many perks to the job! Paul is a fantastic boss, entrepreneur and mentor, and a true pleasure to work with. Throughout my employment at Capital A List, I had learnt a great deal, and the internship allowed me to develop my organisation, communication and social skills, alongside many other transferable skills required in any working environment. If you're looking for some great work experience, which gives you the freedom to handle your own projects, take responsibility and develop both your professional and personal abilities, Capital A List is the perfect place for you."
Nirali Jethwa
intern testimonial "The internship at Capital A List was definitely valuable for my career. I got necessary skills in sales, marketing and also had a chance visiting the most exclusive A-list nightclubs and some fantastic parties together with the office team!"
Sky Ratkeviciute
intern testimonial "I had an amazing time working for Capital A List. During my three-month internship I always felt like a valuable part of the team and I was given the change to write articles for the company´s website. Additionally I got to work with social media and contact customers rather than just making coffee for my bosses. Especially the constructive criticism on my written work helped me develop confidence in my skills. I learned a lot and also made some great friends along the way so I would come back to do it again any day!"
Tabatha Kempf