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There are not many places much cooler than the Drury Club located in Covent Garden. Not many guestlists are like the Drury Club and can offer such an eclectic mix of characters under one roof, but on the Drury Club guestlist you can mix with the most vibrant, loudest personalities London has to offer whilst dancing to the biggest party tracks of the time! Drury Club guestlist attracts Fashionistas and the top exclusive creatives of London, coming together in this “New York speakeasy with turn of the century Parisian haunt” as they so modestly put it. The Drury Club guestlist takes London partying to a new level with its mix of originality and the unexpected. You might think you have already seen the best of what London guestlists have to offer, but that all stops once you spend a night at the Drury Club on guestlist. Setting itself miles ahead of its competitors, the Drury Club guestlist offers not only what the Drury Club guestlist think they want but what they have not yet experienced!

Leave your expectations at the door and open your eyes to the extremely extravagant décor of the Drury Club featuring a striking chandelier antler, exposed brickwork for walls, silver vintage trunks for tables and long red leather banquet seats. The emphasis on the creative décor shows the Drury Club aims to cater to all the Drury Club’s guestlist needs in all areas of the Drury Club no matter the guestlist – all are sure to appreciate the effort put in by the brains behind the Drury Club for their guestlist. All together this creates the effortlessly cool ambiance that is felt by each of the Drury Club guestlist attendees, which insures an extensive guestlist for the Drury Club every weekend!

The Drury Club’s attention to detail is echoed in their fantastic drinks menu for their guestlist. The Drury Club understands the importance of catering to the Drury Club’s ultra-chic guestlist and their drink needs, so you will be able to try brand new and exclusive tasting mixtures and combinations as the Drury Club’s guestlist members! And for those on the guestlist preferring a classic cocktail, there is also the carefully selected delicious house cocktails menu at the Drury Club, with a slight tweak of the original! At the Drury Club there is sure to be a cocktail to suit every guestlist attendee and a favourite drink twist that has never tried before, making it an even more special night for those on the Drury Club’s guestlist! And if that was not enough choice, so that members of the guestlist at the Drury Club can really let loose for the night, the Drury Club also have their very own Absinthe Fountain! It is recommended all guestlist members leave their morals and inhibitions at the door when enjoying a night at Drury Club!

The cool but relaxed vibe of Drury Club means it can be catered for any occasion for those on the guestlist. Birthdays can be hosted on one of their fabulously presented tables, where Drury Club guestlist members can enjoy their own partying space with table service, insuring each guestlist attendee has a memorable celebration night. Couples on the guestlist can spice up a date night at the Drury Club and groups on the guestlist can mingle at the bar, sampling all the exciting cocktails, before concluding the night dancing on the Drury Club’s intimate dancefloor. Each night the DJ will be playing an extensive, varied music selection at the Drury Club catering to the music preferences of the guestlist members and will have you wishing that the night will never end at the Drury Club!

What’s The Dress Code?

Like most private members clubs Drury Club adhere to a strict dress code. Make sure to get this right other wise it could be a cold night on the curb watching friends roll into the club. Girls must be wearing high heels whilst guys must be wearing smart shoes. No trainers or sportswear will be allowed. If you’re not sure about a piece of clothing then play it safe and wear something else.

How Much is Entry Price?

Typically the club allow free entry for ladies before 11pm after which they are required to pay a £20 door fee. Guys will have to stump up the cash no matter what time of the night. Don’t blame us, we don’t make the rules!

What are the Drink Prices?

Drinks prices vary from the standard cocktail priced at £10 to the magnums of champagne at a hefty £1000. It’s certainly easy to spend money here, but at least the drinks are nice and strong.

Drury Guestlist

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Open: Wednesday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Sunday
Drury Club – 167 Drury Lane, London, WC2B 5PG | Guestlist@capitalalist.com | +44(0)2072052245

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