Dumped Defoe Hangs with 50 Cent

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 17th May 2012
Jermain Defoe was out with friends and fellow footballer Emmanuel Adebayor at Movida this week, but his stony expression revealed that he wasn’t exactly in the party mood after being ditched by popstar girlfriend Alexandra Burke just the day before! Kirsty Crummey, pictured below, had spoken to The Sun newspaper about their affair prompting the indignant football star to tweet “I’ve allegedly been having a relationship with Peter Kay, sorry to say I’m not attracted to Peter (dry those eyes) here again is an example of someone trying to make money off of my back”.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


Also at the club that night was US rapper 50 Cent, who hung out with dumped Defoe and no doubt attracted plenty of ladies to take the love rat’s mind off things!

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