Conor Maynard Celebrates #1 Album

Capital A List – Celebrity club news – 9th August 2012
19 year old Britain’s-answer-to-Justin-Beiber-slash-Timberlake, Conor Maynard, celebrated his debut album ‘Contrast’ reaching number 1 this week with a fun filled night at Whisky Mist.


Paparazzi taking pictures with flash


Looking every inch the young pop star in his bright blue skinny jeans and leather jacket, Conor recentll revealed that he’d like to try his hand at acting, as drama was his first love! “Until the age of about 15 it was the only thing, my main passion. I’d love to go back to it one day, if I reach where I want to go in the music industry.” The ‘Vegas Girl’ singer stayed out way past his bedtime until 3.30 am, when he left in the company of a mystery brunette…intruiging!

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