Charlie Guestlist & Tables

Charlie Guestlist & Tables

In September 2015, like a phoenix risen from the flames, the highly acclaimed Funky Buddha club (Est. 2001) gave birth to the prestigious and luxurious ‘Charlie’ on Berkeley Street (Mayfair) bang next door to world-renowned Japanese restaurant, Nobu. A healthy one million pounds has been injected into the refurbishment of the 500 capacity club by the team who curated the famous Toy Room and Project London clubs. If you haven’t been lucky enough to pass through the grand double doors, we’d highly recommend getting onto the Charlie guestlist or getting in touch about Charlie table bookings. In September 2019 Charlie became Luxx Club London.

So, apart from the prime location and the substantial investment, why else should you want to appear on a Charlie guestlist or consider Charlie table bookings?

Well, the overriding theme is ingeniously unique. The exciting rebrand styles the Mayfair club around the life of our cheeky British comedian and director – cue the penny drop – Charlie Chaplin! If you were to get on the Charlie guestlist, you would be fortunate enough to be served cocktails from the usherette trays of exquisitely dressed waiters and waitresses top to toe in 1920s attire.

So what else can one expect from Charlie table bookings or a reputable Charlie guestlist?

You can expect to kick back on grand vintage leather sofas with a glass of champagne in hand with London’s elite and beautiful clientele. The club is rich with finely sanded wood and decorated with distinctive jazzed up portraits of good-old Charlie Chaplin himself among others. A large proportion of the floor space is covered simplistically, yet effectively, with black and white striped and rectangular tiles which really accentuates the dynamic colours projected around the club by the top-of-the-range, club lighting effects.

If you’re still not tempted by Charlie table bookings or a Charlie guestlist spot then perhaps their grand fireplace, pool table of impressively stocked bar might sway you. If that’s still not enough, then it’s time to get excited about the entertainment. Charlie is quickly building a name for it’s thrilling performances and an unbeatable sound system. You really don’t want to miss out on the unbelievable party that Charlie table bookings and a Charlie guestlist can lead to. If you’re lucky enough to have a night out at Charlie, you’ll never stop talking about the music. The club, equipped with state of the art Pioneer decks, often books international DJs which never fails to get the crowd guessing and grooving all night long.

Another true bonus of the experience Charlie table bookings and the Charlie guestlist opens doors to is, an all round friendly and, just like Mr. Chaplin himself, charismatic environment to revel in. Both the crowd and the staff already have a fantastic rep, so if you think that you fit the bill, you should certainly consider the Charlie guestlist or Charlie table bookings as an option for your next night out.

”Think about yourself at least once in your life otherwise you may miss the best comedy in the world.” – Charlie Chaplin


What’s The Dress Code?

Smart/Elegant (if you own anything Charlie Chaplin-esque to compliment your attire that’s a bonus)

How Much is Entry Price?

Ladies are free before midnight, £20 thereafter. Gentlemen £20 throughout the night.

What are the Drink Prices?

Drink prices vary from £5 for a bottle of Lager, £14 for a Spirit Mixer to £250 for a bottle of Champagne.

Charlie Guestlist & Tables

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Open: Thursday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Sunday
Charlie – 15 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 8DJ | | +44(0)2072052245


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