The Best Clubs In Chelsea

We host nights and events at the best clubs in Chelsea, clubs that will guarantee a great time, any night of the week. Here are the most exclusive clubs to go out to in Chelsea:

best clubs in Chelsea

Fancy a night out to an award-winning club? Then head down to Dolce Kensington, awarded for two consecutive years as the ‘Best Boutique Club London’ in 2016 and 2017 by The London Club Awards. Every Friday and Saturday, Dolce provides some of London’s best R&B, Hip Hop, and Commercial music all night long to its sexy, young, and fresh guests.
Immerse yourself in this exclusive nightclub located in the heart of South Kensington. The golden interior provides a lavish feel to the club, where you will be dancing all night long to the best music provided by top DJs. The music and drinks go hand in hand; from lavish cocktails to champagne, the bar will suit your taste.
Located a few minutes walk from South Kensington station, it is safe to say Dolce is one of the best clubs in Chelsea.

best clubs in Chelsea

Raffles is one of the best clubs in Chelsea, an exclusive and luxurious members-only club located on Kings Road. Its mystery and secrecy attract the elite and the wealthy to splash their money. Raffles is not a place to be shy! Its exclusivity has remained since its opening in the 1960’s and since then has welcomed regular visits from celebrities, politicians, and aristocrats.
As a member of Raffles (or lucky enough to be a member’s guest), you’ll hear music from some of the best DJs playing R&B, Pop, Electro, and Indie in the club. Come and experience the exclusivity of Raffles from Tuesday to Sunday each week.
Raffles is for you if you love the idea of an exclusive and sophisticated night out, rubbing shoulders with London’s finest on a Thursday night.

best clubs in Chelsea

For a unique night out in Chelsea, Embargo Republica is the place to go out to any night of the week and one of the best clubs in Chelsea. Embargo Republica, previously known as Embargo 59, is regarded as one of Chelsea’s finest for its unique ambiance.
This unique Cuban-themed club gives off a cool and contemporary vibe with its luxury jazz club feel. Once you enter through the club’s clever and secret cigar shop entrance, you are met with a distinctive Cuban-themed cocktail list like no other on the King’s Road. During the night, you’ll be hitting the dance floor with Embargo’s infamous DJs playing all the best current songs and fitting music from live bands to get you in the mood.

best clubs in Chelsea

Fancy a change of era? Maggies on Fulham Road will give you a flashback to the 80s with its Margaret Thatcher-themed boutique members club. Being one of the best clubs in Chelsea, its iconic Thatcher theme will provide a quirky vibe to your night.
Open in the evenings from a Tuesday to Saturday; Maggies serves up the best cocktails and drinks you forgot even existed – including Babycham! Even the décor in Maggies is unforgettable, with giant Rubik’s Cubes used as tables and Maggie’s famous speeches playing in the toilets. To set this club aside from its Chelsea neighbors, their resident DJ plays an array of classic 80’s throwback hits that will keep you dancing all night.

best clubs in Chelsea

Another of the best clubs in Chelsea would be Alberts. Named after Prince Albert, this private members club and restaurant is in South Kensington, representing the ‘best of British’ with its classic décor. The members club and restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, where it lives up to its reputable first-class standard as one of the best clubs in Chelsea.
Sticking to the theme of Prince Albert, the bar provides a unique and historic choice of spirits, including whiskies from the years of Alberts’s birth and death (1891 & 1861, respectively).
Alberts provides first-class cuisine and entertainment – eat, drink, and dance the night away for a hefty £500 yearly membership.

Tonteria is an exhilarating blend of vibrant Mexican culture and the city’s sophisticated nightlife. Spanning over 2,500 square feet, this club boasts a captivating design that transports its guests straight to the heart of Mexico. Imagine intricately carved wooden interiors with vibrant murals and dim, mood-setting lighting. The ambiance is further enhanced by the lively, eclectic music that ranges from house to hip-hop, ensuring a dynamic, energy-packed night.

The concept of Tonteria is unique and playful, focusing on theatrical elements. Expect dazzling performances and a lively atmosphere that keeps the spirit of Mexico alive throughout the night. This theme extends to their drinks menu, which features an impressive selection of tequila and signature cocktails. Their famous sharing cocktails served in quirky vessels like a Mayan pyramid or a Day of the Dead skull, are not just drinks but an experience in themselves.

Tonteria stands out for its exclusivity and high-energy parties, often attracting a glamorous crowd, including celebrities. The dress code is smart and chic, aligning with Chelsea’s upscale vibe. Elegant dresses and stylish shirts are the norms here.

best clubs in Chelsea

B London, another gem in Chelsea’s vibrant nightlife scene, is a sophisticated and upscale venue. It exudes elegance and modernity with a design that seamlessly blends contemporary aesthetics with classic touches. The club’s interior showcases a sleek and stylish décor, ambient lighting, and a polished finish. This creates an atmosphere of exclusivity and luxury.

Musically, B London offers various sounds, catering to various tastes. The club often features DJs spinning the latest in-house, R&B, and chart-topping hits, ensuring a lively and energetic ambiance. The sound system is state-of-the-art, promising an immersive auditory experience.

The club’s concept centers around providing a high-end, exclusive party experience. It’s known for its strict door policy, ensuring an elite clientele. The drinks menu at B London is as refined as its surroundings, with an extensive selection of premium spirits, expertly crafted cocktails, and a carefully curated wine list. The presentation of drinks adds to the luxurious experience, with attention to detail and artistic flair.

B London’s exclusivity extends to its dress code, which is strictly elegant and sophisticated. Guests are expected to dress in their finest attire, with men in smart suits and women in elegant dresses.

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