Ayllu Restaurant London Review: The Best Peruvian And Japanese Fusion

Ayllu Restaurant In London: The Best Peruvian And Japanese Fusion

Ayllu restaurant in London lies in the streets of Paddington Central. It offers a culinary retreat where the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines creates a dining experience. Drawing inspiration from the Ayllu community of the Inca Empire, a group that lived and dined together like a large family, Ayllu embraces this communal spirit. 

The restaurant is designed to bring friends and families together. Here, they can share the joy of innovative small plates, sushi, and cocktails. The fusion menu explores flavours, where traditional Peruvian ingredients meet Japanese culinary techniques. The result is fresh, zesty aromas and tastefully crafted dishes.

Inside the restaurant, the vibe shift is palpable as the city’s bright lights give way to an intimate atmosphere. This is where live beats and extraordinary décor. The ambience, accentuated by Amazon-green walls and gold-glowing lamps, is further enlivened on weekends with a DJ who brings an energetic, Ibiza-like spirit to the restaurant.

Ayllu’s cocktail menu is a tropical wonder, with drinks adorned in palms and flowers and their signature foamy pisco sours adding to the vibrant atmosphere. The food menu highlights London’s nikkei (Peruvian and Japanese fusion) dining scene. Notable dishes include the trio of tacos with their crispy shell and creamy filling, and the fluffy bao filled with slow-cooked beef shin. 

The sushi, inspired by the rainbow mountains of the Peruvian Andes, adds a creative twist to the menu. However, Ayllu’s titular chicken fried rice, with truffle, edamame, and a poached egg, truly encapsulates the essence of the restaurant’s fusion.

Ayllu stands as proof of the power of culinary creativity and the joy of shared dining experiences. 

Ayllu Restaurant London Bookings

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Ayllu Restaurant London Cuisine, Menu Prices, Dress Code & Address

Cuisine: Japanese and Peruvian

Menu Prices: Prices at Ayllu are from around £75 per head.

Dress Code: Casual

Area: Paddington

Address: Located beneath Smith’s Bar & Grill, 25 Sheldon Square, London W2 6EY,

Website: https://www.ayllu.co.uk/

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