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From the creator of Mo*vida, Aura, and Chinawhite, club entrepreneur Fred Moss has done it once again! Luxurious, lavish and sumptuously splendid, the Maddox guestlist is yet another triumph on his string of London club successes.Laying with its many competitors in central, affluent Mayfair, the Maddox guestlist is a decadent space fit for Royalty. And yes, Royalty has been known to frequent the joint, as well as A list celebrities such as Keira Knightly and P Diddy!Designed by a world-renowned interior mastermind, Sammy Chams has instilled an incredulous class into the establishment. With his signature minimalist décor, the venue is a boutique haven for the rich, the gorgeous and the international clubbers on the London party scene. There are spaces for every mood – a boutique bar, an Italian restaurant, a basement club and a smoker’s courtyard in hues off deep red and green. With a sexy City vibe, the Maddox guestlist encapsulates the cosmopolitanism of London town and breathes it into every booth, every cocktail, and every 5 star dish it produces from its 5 star kitchen.

The glass case DJ booth is the central focal point of club and plays host to a string of A-list DJ’s, winning extra cool points for its resident (and stunning) female DJ. The atmosphere is electric and the music is electro – a fusion of the usual suspects, but with an electronic twist that sets it apart from other London clubs.

What we love about this club is its attention to detail and its propensity for personal care and attention. The creator Fred and the general manager George Calisto, personally host each and every night to ensure a personal service is upheld. A clever touch which warrants a recurrent crowd.

We cannot fault this club. The Maddox guestlist plays host to some of the most amazing nights we have had on the London party scene and we cannot recommend it enough. Join us here and we will go mad on the Maddox guestlist!

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Open: Thursday – Friday – Saturday
Closed: Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Sunday
43-5 Mill Street London W1S 2AU | | +44(0)2072052245


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